Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Economy Watch — Texas Economy Undergoes Steep Decline

According to data released Monday, general business activity for the state of Texas fell -34.6 in January, which constitutes a worse forecast than analyst expectations, according to Business Insider. The Texas economy has suffered immensely due to the fall of low oil prices, including new regulations that hamper economic output. Experts believe a crude price correction waits on the horizon in 2016, but such a forecast remains uncertain.
Economy Watch
Texas Economy Undergoes Steep Decline
EW News Desk Team


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Matt Franko said...

The rent is too damned low! !!!

mike norman said...

Texas "miracle." Wha happened?

Tom Hickey said...

Texas "miracle." Wha happened?

Dutch disease.

Peter Pan said...

Dipsy doodle or face plant?