Saturday, January 30, 2016

Microsoft Earnings Growth Solid

Nice quarter at Microsoft.  Much less oil monopoly rent paid YoY allows more to be spent on productivity software even with breakeven+ leading USD flow.
Profit 2014: $5.8 billion 2015: $6.3 billion, up 8% Microsoft's adjusted profit (including deferrals), soared, thanks in large part to growing cloud sales.


Peter Pan said...

No such thing as Microsoft "profit". Pure rent.

Ignacio said...

It's interesting that Microsoft has bended and gone open source on most of their dev stack because they were losing ground, to the point they are more open source than Apple or Google.

The world of software development is a case of study where a lot of the axioms of neoclassical economics are falsified, and an example of what happens when the cost of copy/production becomes negligible or close to zero (something much more akin to "democratic communism" than "capitalism").

Too bad we cannot replicate the same in other environments due to production costs and scarcity (real or manufactured). Although corporations still try to come with schemes to monopolize rents and control the environment to force certain tool chains, but is becoming increasingly difficult (to the point it ends up hurting their own bottom line).

Matt Franko said...

Ignacio I have been with both forever..

imo Apple today is worse than Microsoft ever dreamed about back in the day... see if it stays that way with Jobs now gone he sounds like he was a real SOB...