Monday, February 29, 2016

Alex Leshy —ISIS Middle-Eastern Gambit

It is now clear that ISIS leaders have begun to transfer its fighting formations to Libya and are reorienting their recruitment apparatus to attract cannon fodder for the units being formed in Libya.…
It’s doubtful this move was planned in advance. Instead, it is most likely a forced reaction to the negative strategic prospects in Iraq and Syria. There are more and more indications that ISIS has decided to transform its defeat in Syria into a strategic gambit in the continuing global struggle.…
Overall, Libya represents an almost ideal situation for ISIS. Local forces can do nothing against the “black flags.” West is also powerless. And the fearsome and implacable Russians are kept at bay by the absence of invitation from Libya’s government or of a UNSC resolution authorizing intervention which nobody will grant Moscow for many quite obvious reasons.
All of that is quite depressing, since it allows Islamist radicals a large and well protected base which they could use to recuperate and continue their expansion even after losing Syria and Iraq.…
This is the overall. The details are also interesting.

ISIS Middle-Eastern Gambit
Original by Alex Leshy
Translation by J.Hawk

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