Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Valeant...another disaster for Bill Ackman. What's with this guy? What's with all these guys?

Bill Ackman's sinking hedge fund career

Valeant shares are getting pummeled today. Hedge fund guy, Bill Ackman, was long a boatload. He's getting creamed.

That comes after his disaster with shorting Herbalife. That was a disaster even despite teh fact that he tried to get the government to intervene on his behalf and start an investigation into the company. (Sleaze.)

Then we find out he recently shorted the Chinese yuan because he thought there was going to be a "debt crisis" in China. Like, China would run out of yuan. The other idiot that did that was Kyle Bass, who keeps losing money in one fictitious debt crisis after another. (Remember the Japan debt crisis he predicted?)

What's wrong with these guys? Ackman, Bass, Einhorn, Gross...they all suck. They all do the same, wrong thing. They're all fucking clueless.

I should be managing billions. Maybe I suck at marketing. Yeah, I do.


BTO said...

China can't run out of RMB but it can be forced off its peg.


Diego Marcio said...

I think u should manage their billions you cold generate lots of bonuses to yourself... and I dont understand how people still keep money invested with them. Most of them a clowns at all.

World is strange anyway

Michael Norman said...


Yes, China can be forced off its peg, but with $3 trillion in reserves (3x Saudi Arabia) I don't think Kyle Bass and Ackman will be able to do it.