Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Alastair Crooke — The Slow Death of the Syria Cease-Fire Brings a Hybrid War With Russia Closer

Gradually, the mist of ambiguity and confusion hanging over Syria is lifting a little. The landscape is sharpening into focus. With this improved visibility, we can view a little more clearly the course of action being prepared by Iran, Russia and the Syrian government.

Russia is emerging from an internal debate over whether the U.S. is truly interested in an entente or only in bloodying Russia’s nose. And what do we see? Skepticism. Russia is skeptical that NATO’s new missile shield in Poland and Romania, plus military exercises right up near its border, are purely defensive actions.

Iran, meanwhile, is studying the entrails of the nuclear agreement. As one well-informed commentator put it to me, Iran is “coldly lethal” at the gloating in the U.S. at having “put one over” Iran. Because, while Iran has duly taken actions that preclude it from weaponizing its nuclear program, it will not now gain the financial normalization that it had expected under the agreement.…
Crooke lays the blame with the US Democratic administration and the Democratic Party. Voters beware.
Did you hear that sound? That was the ratchet of war, which has just clicked up a slot or two.
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The Slow Death of the Syria Cease-Fire Brings a Hybrid War With Russia Closer
Alastair Crooke


John said...

Crooke was a high ranking office in MI6 before becoming a diplomat in the Middle East. To go by many of his articles, he still has many sources within government. As a former insider, knowing what he knows then and now, he's now an unusually vehement critic of western policy: his contention is that it is dangerous and likely to backfire in the most violent way. He's a signed up member of the self preservation society, and thus takes every opportunity to warn of our foolish policies. Can't say he hasn't been right, yet few listen.

Bob said...

The US public is opposed to any sort of entanglement that would involve American soldiers doing the fighting and dying. What about Russian public opinion? Do they really believe they can defeat "radical" jihadism?

This is meant as a trap for Russia and represents continuing trouble for Europe. The US involvement is like that of the Cheshire Cat, seemingly above the fray, and grinning.

Kaivey said...
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Kaivey said...

It's shame, will there ever be peace? The ruling class play there games and the innocent suffer. All most people want is to have a family, earn a reasonable living but they don't expect to ever get rich, have a few friends, drink tea, sometimes have some wine, and to just get on with their life hurting no one.

But we have the skinheads and the working class fascists on the council estates, and Jihadist terrorists all over the Middle East, high on drugs and drunk on the glory and excitement of war, whose own lives mean nothing to them where I can only guess is because they see no future for themselves worth living. They're the underclass, the cannon fodder, who the One Percent have always used to fight their wars for them. Then they go in and clean up after, and grab everything for themselves.

Greg said...

Right Kaivey!

Most people dont expect to get rich they just hope to not be poor! Its the fight to avoid poverty that keeps most of us going and its getting harder and harder. Most workers entire paycheck goes to food, housing and healthcare.... the necessities, nothing left for niceties.
All so a small percentage can have whatever they want whenever they want............disgusting!

MRW said...

Listen to this. Last night’s report. Listen to it.

Suwalki Gap to Syrian Skies in the New Cold War. Stephen F. Cohen, NYU, Princeton University, EastWestAccord.com.