Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pat Buchanan — Trolling for War With Russia

Paul Craig Roberts and now Pat Buchanan.
Where did Obama get the right to arm and train rebels to dump over the Damascus regime? Did Congress authorize this insurrection? Or is this just another CIA-National Endowment for Democracy project?…
Donald Trump calls the NATO alliance a rip-off, a tripwire for World War III and "obsolete." Hillary Clinton compares Putin’s actions in Ukraine to Hitler’s actions in Germany in the early 1930s.
Looking for a four-year faceoff with a nuclear-armed Russia?
Hillary’s the one!
The Democratic Party has gone of the rails. A vote for Killary is a vote for WWIII.

Trolling for War With Russia
Patrick J. Buchanan


Seve141 said...

Is the Imperial Presidency the sole finger on the trigger?

Bob said...

With Bernie Sanders playing the role as court jester.

Bob said...


MRW said...

Buchanan’s right.