Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mads Jacobsen — Denmark cuts welfare but buys new US fighter jets

In May 2016, the Danish government decided to make the largest weapons purchase in Denmark's history by ordering 27 new, American produced, Lockheed Martin F-35A Joint Strike Fighters at the cost of $3 billion, with the total cost for the lifespan of these fighters amounting to approximately $8,5 billion. Not even calculated in these expenses are the costs for bombs, ammunition and the aid for repairs following a bombing campaign.
The money for this purchase is, of course, covered by the tax revenue from the Danish people, meaning that instead of welfare, social services and other public goods, we get expensive military modernization. So, what do the Danes themselves think about this? Well, According to a recent poll made by Wilke, 53,3 percent of the Danish population believe that this purchase is a bad idea; 30.8 percent believe it is a good idea; and 15.9 are uncertain. Furthermore, on May 27th, nationwide demonstrations were held in Denmark with the message: "No thank you to new fighter jets!", and instead "put peace on the agenda, stop Danish war involvement and use the billions for welfare, peacemaking and useful workplaces".
Military expenditure crowding out domestic welfare.


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Kaivey said...

They are all vassals, they are all in on the neoliberal money making racket. Whether left or right, they are all neoliberal clones.