Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Valentin Vasilescu — Geopolitical goal of the US in the last 70 years

In the last two decades we have witnessed the advancement of NATO up to Russia's borders, along with the challenge of real hysteria concerning the Russian menace. This is one of the measures of the plan followed step by step during the last 70 years by the White House, where the Cold War never ceased. To understand what lies behind this Washington's aggressive foreign policy, we must turn to geopolitical concepts. After the Second World War, experts in geopolitics in Washington took and adapted a geostrategic concept called Heartland Theory, published in 1904 in the Royal Geographical Society by Halford John Mackinder. American foreign policy was built on this doctrine, which resulted in planetary scale military aggression in order for him to put his hands on Russia's huge mineral reserves….
I have explained this previously here at MNE. This "World Island" and "Heartland" strategy was modified by Nicholas Spykman, who added the "Rimland" theory. These are fundamental aspects of international relations, geopolitics and geostrategy as "The Great Game." Zbigniew Brzezinski calls it "The Grand Chessboard" in his book of that title, the subtitle of which is American Primary and Its Geostrategic Imperatives.

It is not possible to grasp the hidden agenda without this knowledge and without understanding the hidden agenda, it is impossible to understand what is going on in the world, and has been not only since WWII but also post-WWI in the drive to counter the growing power of the USSR. This led to WWII as much as anything, along with the determination of the US to counter the rise of Japan in Asia.

Valentin Vasilescu provides an excellent summary explanation complete with maps. Read this and get the picture of what's really going on. It's also short. It's definitely worth reading in full and for those interested in IR, geopolitics and geostrategy, it's a keeper for the maps alone.

Why is the important economically? Because the global economy is made up of nation states that are open economies and therefore influence each other both politically and economically. The British Empire was based on control of world trade, necessary in a colonial era, through control of the sea by the British navy. The US inherited that role post WWII.

This is only the intro. There is much much more going on.

Valentin Vasilescu: Geopolitical goal of the US in the last 70 years


jrbarch said...

The World Game or Referendum: - ‘who thinks American ownership and control over the rimland and heartland are a good thing and why’? I hope Australians never find out they are geopolitically insignificant.

Bob said...

What's the use of goals if you never score?

Kaivey said...

Looking at it that way, it would appear that the US has been at a secret war with Russia since WW2 on a global scale causing much death and destruction around the world. The estimates of up to 20 million dead.

But some would argue that the Western elite got the war going on earlier than that by arming Hitler in an effort to get him to start a war with Russia, which he did.

Then Anthony Sutton describes how Western bankers funded the Russian communist revolution to get rid of the Tsar so they could go in afterwards and plunder it.

If Russia sees it's history like this, no wonder it is armed to the teeth and deadly.

How do we get the news out to ordinary people so we can stop this. It seems impossible. Some people believe that crowdfunding may bring us a better news media. It's much needed.

Salsabob said...

These fantasies are getting pretty fantastical. The Cold War was not a secret; it was a result of the Soviet Union refusing to let go of its grip on Eastern European nations. The Berlin Wall wasn't built to keep Westerners from escaping to the wondrous freedoms behind the Iron Curtain - look it up on Wikipedia if you are that ignorant. With the fall of the economically increasingly non-competitive Soviet Union, none of the oligarchs that took over had Western names, the mafiaocracy that developed was home-grown. Under Putin, the names have changed, and the interconnectedness better enforced by the state, but it is still a mafiocracy and needing the bread-and-circus of international tensions to keep the former serfs as sheeple. It's amazing the lengths of fantasy that Czar Putin apologists have to distort themselves as well as history and reality.

Salsabob said...
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Salsabob said...

Hitler didn't need any encourage to go to war with the Soviet Union - if you believe otherwise, you are pretty clueless of history. Oh, and prior to its own entry into the war, the US was actively supplying the Soviet Union with military equipment - look up "land lease" - it could be highly educational.