Monday, June 6, 2016

New issue of MMT Trader is out. We nailed it last week. Get your free 30-day trial now!

Employment Situation

The new issue of MMT Trader is out.

Last week everyone got caught unaware by the jobs report. Not MMT Trader. It nailed it!

For two weeks leading up to that report I was telling subscribers that the employment related spending and tax data in the Daily Treasury Statement was showing weakness. My analysis? That it was going to show up in one of the government releases.

Boy, did it show.

And subscribers were positioned in the markets for exactly what transpired. They cleaned up.

Folks, there are MMT academics out there, but no one who does applied MMT and who has 40 years of trading experience. My analysis of fiscal flows combined with MMT, mental game and all the other aspects that I bring to the table is unique beyond words.

But don't take my word for it. Try it for free for 30-days. You have nothing to lose.

Stock, bond, futures, commodities, Forex more.

And there's new information that just came out. Everyone is talking recession. See if they are right or wrong. It's in this week's report.

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