Monday, June 6, 2016

Why America Failed: Economic Liberalism, Free Markets, Finance (2011), by Morris Berman.

Morris Berman sees America the same way I do, and so I watched this video to the end because it was so good. It might be a bit slow for some, but Morris Berman is dead right about the US. What he says is that many Americans have become dumb, stupid, narcissistic, and selfish. Much of the schooling system teaches this. And Washington is in fact evil, and many stupid people on the Right support this fascist monstrosity. It's all aggression. It's all about being the hardest. 

The US is like The Prisoner where people live in a fairy tale world, but step out of line (in the USA this would be by becoming a loser), then that balloon comes right out of the ground to suffocate you. After that the fairy story starts all over again and every one is happy and no one cares. Westerners have their iPads, mobile phones, beer, SSRI's, and lots of sport and celebrity rubbish on TV to keep them numbed out about what is really going on.

Why America Failed: Economic Liberalism, Free Markets, Finance

The Prisoner: Balloon Scene - Enter Rover

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