Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Affair Browder-Magnitsky and Cold War 2

The Washington Post, the neocons’ media flagship, has fired a broadside at a new documentary after it blasted a hole in the side of the anti-Russian Magnitsky narrative, which helped launch the new Cold War, writes Robert Parry.
Though I am no expert on the Magnitsky case – and there surely may be flaws in the documentary – what is clear is that the widely accepted version of the Magnitsky case, portraying him and his boss as noble do-gooders who become victims of a convoluted police conspiracy, is no longer tenable or at least deserves a serious reexamination.
But preventing the Western public from seeing this important film – and then demonizing it in a Washington Post editorial on the assumption that almost no one will see it – amount to the behavior of a totalitarian society where “agit-prop” does rule, except in this case it is anti-Russian agit-prop that escapes any serious scrutiny.
Consortium News
WPost’s ‘Agit-Prop’ for the New Cold War
Robert Parry

At the end of the twists and turns in this expose, the viewer is ready to see Browder sink through the floor on a direct transfer to hell like Don Giovanni in the closing scene of Mozart’s opera
Une parole franche
A film review: Andrei Nekrasov, 'The Magnitsky Act. Behind the Scenes'
Gilbert Doctorow | European Coordinator of The American Committee for East West Accord Ltd.

Browder himself did everything he could do derail the showing of this and now the Western propaganda machine is in high gear trying to prevent its showing and to discredit it as "Russian propaganda."

The inconvenient truth is that the director is a liberal who began the project to discredit the Putin regime and then halfway through began to suspect that it was not the Russian government that was at the bottom of it, but Browder himself to cover his tracks.

This is approximately like the Russian and Western versions of what happened in Ukraine, which investigation reveals was orchestrated as regime change chiefly by the US through both NGO fronts and the State Department directly out of the US embassy.

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