Friday, June 10, 2016

US Banana Republic: Clinton Election Fraud

BREAKING: This Lawsuit Might End Hillary's Run & Prove Election Fraud

Published on 9 Jun 2016
Election fraud experts Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis say they have proof that Hillary Clinton's campaign has benefited from election fraud. They believe their current lawsuit will end Hillary's run and prove that Bernie Sanders is indeed the Democratic nominee. Watch this unbelievable clip as broken down by Lee Camp on Redacted Tonight. 


Ryan Harris said...

Hillary is popular with a quiet majority of Dems according to polls I've seen this is an election about identity politics where race and sex are important sources of perceived inequality. It seems voters don't buy into the 1% as much as the white men arguments as their tormentors. Wapo did a poll early in the year that indicated Bernie does well with women that want munnie for child care and Hillary does well with women angry about sexism. If those polls are true, then the quiet support for Hillary isn't going to be swayed by populism of the day, because her Presidency has a more significance are as the first woman. The only reason she isn't sweeping to victory probably her negatives as a crook with more financial ties that keep popping up than a mulberry bush in summer. "The Man" holding back progress meant the pasty white male skin on the other two candidates is a liability, the other parties need female candidates with brown skin in order to win elections and if they don't have at least strong vps that are brown women, they have no chance to past voters identity to where the election can be about big cerebral ideas like Bernie.

Bob said...

Everything shown on Redacted Tonight require a fact check.