Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hillary Counterattacks

Many Clinton Democrats are both in denial and in desperation.
Even if they never touched a voting machine, there’s absolutely no doubt: Russia hacked the election....
Daily Kos
By any definition, Russia hacked the election.
Mark Sumner
The Clinton campaign is clearly trying to see if they can play the Russia card and alleged that the votes in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were hacked. They said they were now investigating “any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology.”
While the vote was overwhelming reaching more than a 70,000 margin in Pennsylvania for Trump, Hillary is trying to still play the Russia card. I warned about this for it was being discussed prior to the election. Plan B from the outset was always to call the election a FRAUD and deny Trump to take office. With 99% of newspapers endorsing Hillary, the media will be on board to try to call the election a fraud....
Armstrong Economics
Clinton Hinting Plan B – Blame Putin
Martin Armstrong
At least as I was taught and trained, it is standard military practice, on taking an enemy position, to immediately begin defensive preparations to receive an almost inevitable counterattack. I hope for the sake of America, that President - Elect Trump and his team have made the adequate preparations for the counterattack because in my opinion the Hilary backers are now upon them.
I refer to Four events; Two are courtesy of the Washington Post and obviously made with the approval of its owner.

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Salsabob said...

"..the vote was overwhelming reaching more than a 70,000 margin in Pennsylvania for Trump...

70K is just a tad more that 1% of the vote that took place in PA. Given that Clinton would need just half plus one (35,001) to change the election; it's pretty silly to say "overwhelming."

The vote differential in Michigan was 22k and in Wisonsin less than 11k; divide those by two and add one vote to Clinton and the EC flips. Exit polls showed Clinton with wider leads in both these states and tied in PA.

Trump tweeting out at 3am in the morning again over this is a sign that somebody is pretty nervous.

Maybe this goes somewhere, maybe it doesn't. But, it should be clear that Armstrong has always had a problem with basic math.