Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Patrik K. Meyer — Why China Thinks It Can Build a Utopian World Order

Welcome to Tianxia, the new world order.
Following in the steps of Chinese emperors, the Communist Party aspires to unite its peoples and the international community under the umbrella of a common world order. It envisions a united world governed by a global institution responsible for promoting a set of common values that are inclusive of all existing cultures and prevent any one of them from becoming dominant. This would result in “internal harmony within diversity,” where “individual interests are so interlocking and mutually constituted that anyone’s gain will always result in a gain for others.” Moreover, China argues that given the failure of Western approaches to global governance due to their cultural, religious and economically imperialistic tendencies, the Tianxia system offers the “best blueprint for world politics in the future.”
The National Interest.
Why China Thinks It Can Build a Utopian World Order
Patrik K. Meyer is a Visiting Professor at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and a New America Security Fellow


Ryan Harris said...
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Bob said...

What some call harmony, some call direct democracy.

Joe said...

"anyone’s gain will always result in a gain for others" is pure fantasy. Until unicorns fart butterflies and piss rainbows, and human nature is no longer human nature, "always resulting in gain for others" won't happen.

That's the same story the Tom Friedman's of the world told us about globalization. None of it came true.