Monday, November 28, 2016

John J. Mearsheimer — Donald Trump Should Embrace a Realist Foreign Policy

There are many reasons to be deeply worried about a Donald Trump presidency. But if he makes the right choices, he could fundamentally alter U.S. foreign policy for the better.
Trump campaigned against America’s powerful foreign policy community—what one of President Obama’s advisors derisively labeled “the Blob.” Its members include prominent Democrats and Republicans with similar views on foreign policy. He accused them of producing “one foreign policy disaster after another,” and promised to “develop a new foreign policy direction for our country.” This was precisely the message many voters wanted to hear, and the president-elect now has the opportunity to change how the United States deploys its power around the world....
The National Interest
Donald Trump Should Embrace a Realist Foreign Policy
John J. Mearsheimer | R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago

1 comment:

John said...

If Trump had any sense he'd make John Mearsheimer his National Security Advisor...and Secretary of State...and Secretary of Defence.

Mearsheimer's a very smart professor of international politics and an even smarter grand strategist, a "conservative", West Point graduate and former USAF officer. But given that he's also extremely critical of Israel, no president will do the smart thing and put him in a position of authority.

Same goes for that other very smart cookie Andrew Bacevich: brilliant analyst and professor, and formerly a colonel in the army. That's a bad CV. A good CV is one of chickenhawk and bloodthirsty warmonger.

Instead, there'll be more of the same neocons and liberal interventionists. Another case of same shit different smell.