Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tim Duy — On Krugman And The Working Class

Tim Duy sums it up for the Democratic Establishment:  Get off your high horse.

Tim Duy's Fed Watch
On Krugman And The Working Class
Tim Duy

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Salsabob said...

"...Clinton effectively wrote off nearly half the country at that point. ..."

Only about 1/2 of the population, or 210 million people, are eligible to vote. Of those, only 50-55 actually vote (about 120-125 million). Less than 1/2 of those actually voting, voted for Trump - that would be around 62 million.

1/2 of 62 million, the "deporables," is 31 million - that's less than 1/10 the total population (31/320).

If you don't think that 10% of Americans would be considered pretty deplorable, you need to get outside some more.

Is there some pattern here of referencing people that can't do basic math?