Sunday, November 27, 2016

Robert Parry — Washington Post’s ‘Fake News’ Guilt

Add another smackdown to the growing list.
The mainstream U.S. media’s hysteria over “fake news” has reached its logical (or illogical) zenith, a McCarthyistic black-listing of honest journalism that simply shows professional skepticism toward Officialdom, including what’s said by U.S. government officials and what’s written in The Washington Post and New York Times.
Apparently, to show skepticism now opens you to accusations of disseminating “Russian propaganda” or being a “useful idiot” or some similar ugly smear reminiscent of the old Cold War. Now that we have entered a New Cold War, I suppose it makes sense that we should expect a New McCarthyism....
Consortium News
Washington Post’s ‘Fake News’ Guilt
Robert Parry

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