Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Janet Allon — There Might Be One Way We Can Get Rid of Trump Before He Does Too Much Damage

I thought the left had already jumped the shark but this is really over the top.
Now is a good time to study up on the 25th Amendment.
They have really lost their marbles.

And, of course, you can say these things without having to be concerned about a visit from the Secret Service. So why not fantasize out loud?


Penguin pop said...

Can "Two Corinthians" Trump weather the storm? This has to be boding well for all these cable networks and the ratings too. It's The Apprentice but off the rails.

Bob said...

It may become necessary for Pence to assume the presidency, 25th amendment or not.

Noah Way said...

The deep state would be very happy with Pence, just like they were with LBJ.