Thursday, January 5, 2017

Martin Sieff — Trump Seeks Real U.S. Reset with Russia – Biggest Obstacles in Washington

US President-elect Donald Trump can be taken at his word about his sincerity in wanting to restore good relations with Russia: He is certain to find welcome potential partners in Moscow; but his greatest difficulties with implementing such a policy will be in Washington, DC.
That's an understatement. The bipartisan establishment is united in an attempt to scuttle Trump's presidency before he even takes office. President-elect Trump opts to keep his own security guard rather than rely chiefly on the Secret Service.

Can the new sheriff deal with the old gang that controls the territory, or thinks it does?
Trump Seeks Real U.S. Reset with Russia – Biggest Obstacles in Washington
Martin Sieff is a Senior Fellow of the American University in Moscow and former Managing Editor, International Affairs at United Press International.


Unknown said...

See also Very Powerful People in the U.S. Government Want War – This is Their Sales Pitch

One of the main reasons I opposed Hillary Clinton so vehemently, was I felt she embodied the neocon, neoliberal, military-intelligence-indsustrial complex’s burning desire for a global confrontation with Russia, as well as continued disastrous imperial adventures all over the world. Many of us hoped that with her loss, cooler heads would prevail and the American public might receive a much needed respite from never-ending war. This has not happened.

If anything, those in the Hillary camp have become even more aggressive and unhinged in their bloodlust, and appear willing to do “whatever it takes” to start a fight that will result in unimaginable devastation for the American public. This has become such an overwhelming concern to me, I felt the need to discuss what those of us who wish to avoid this outcome must do.

First, we need to understand the motivation of those driving us in this disastrous direction. Their primary motivation is pretty simple, a desire to retain power and status. They can see the writing on the wall when it comes to the disintegration of status quo authority and credibility, and they fundamentally understand the need to focus on an outside enemy in order to distract attention away from internal failures. Second, we need to understand where we are in the war-creating process. We must acknowledge that very powerful interests have already decided they want this war. To them, this isn’t about weighing facts and being reasonable, they’ve already made up their minds. As such, we are currently in the sales process.

GLH said...

Trump had better keep his own security force, the secret service disappeared from Kennedy's car until after he was murdered.