Monday, January 2, 2017

Moon of Alabama — Al-Qaeda Cut Leaves 5 Million Thirsty In Damascus - Western Media Unconcerned

There is a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Syria and the "western" media ignore it.
On December 22 al-Qaeda aligned Takfiris in the Wadi Barada valley shut down the main water supply for the Syrian capital Damascus. Since then the city and some 5-6 million living in and around it have to survive on emergency water distributions by the Syrian government. That is barely enough for people to drink - no washing, no showers and no water dependent production is possible.
This shut down is part of a wider, seemingly coordinated strategy to deprive all government held areas of utility supplies. Two days ago the Islamic State shut down a major water intake for Aleppo from the Euphrates. High voltage electricity masts on lines feeding Damascus have been destroyed and repair teams, unlike before, denied access. Gas supplies to parts of Damascus are also cut. A similar tactic was used by the Zionist terrorists of the Haganah who in 1947/48 poisoned and blew up the water mains and oil pipelines to Palestinian Haifa....
"Our guys" at work. Nothing to see here and not to worry, because "Assad must go."

Moon of Alabama
Al-Qaeda Cut Leaves 5 Million Thirsty In Damascus - Western Media Unconcerned


John said...

I genuinely feel sick at reading this. 5 million people are facing near death but it isn't even worth reporting. If it was Paris, Brussels, Berlin, London or New York we would certainly know and we would rightly feel we should do something about it.

If all else fails you can always say "Muslims killing Muslims." As if that explains anything at all. Why use your brain? It's just so much easier to take an excuse from the many filed under "Wars/Invasions/Coups Gone Unimaginably Badly And Has Turned Country Into Living Nightmare But Let's Blame Someone Else: Sheeple Will Believe Anything, The Stupid Bastards, Hahaha".

Similarly, WW1 and WW2 were white people killing white people. Deep explanation.

Bob said...

US military would have done the same. Pot-Kettle-Black?