Saturday, January 21, 2017

Robert Parry — Selectivity in Trashing Trump

If — in a rush to demonize and impeach President Trump — Democrats and progressives solidify support for wars of choice in the Middle East, a New Cold War with Russia and a Davos-style elitism, they could further alienate many people who might otherwise be their allies.
In other words, selectivity in opposing and criticizing Trump – where he rightly deserves it – rather than opportunism in rejecting everything that Trump says might make more sense. A movement built entirely on destroying Trump could drop Democrats and progressives into some politically destructive traps.
As veteran who served during war time, I am anti-war when it comes to wars of choice rather than national defense. I will oppose the war party no matter what else they embrace politically.

Consortium News
Selectivity in Trashing Trump
Robert Parry

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