Sunday, January 15, 2017

Scott Ritter — Exposing The Man Behind The Curtain

Fact-free intelligence. Inference without evidence.

The Huffington Post
Exposing The Man Behind The Curtain
Scott Ritter, intelligence officer in the U.S. Marines from 1984-1995, specializing in arms control and disarmament in both the former Soviet Union and Iraq


Penguin pop said...

I haven't read HuffPo in ages, but looking at some of the comments reminds me of why I don't go there. It's people pointing out some criminal conviction the author had and just saying this guy is sitting at his computer criticizing others with no first hand knowledge. Everyone else buys into the foreign powers storyline no matter what. We have really jumped the shark as a society if this is the level of critical thinking those people can muster.

It's a lot of confirmation bias and cognitive-affective bias going on in that comment section.

Tom Hickey said...


Unknown said...

Russian Foreign Ministry: "Obama Still Has A Few Days Left To Destroy The World"

But the best comments to date belongs to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova. "If 'Russian hackers' hacked anything in America, there were two things: Obama's brain, and, of course, the report about 'Russian hackers,'" she wrote on Facebook.

Zakharova charged that "Obama and his illiterate foreign policy team have dealt a crushing blow to America's prestige and leadership" and described his administration as "a bunch of geopolitical losers, enraged and shortsighted."

Zakharova concluded that Obama's administration still has a few days left to "destroy the world."

John said...

Tom, you missed the "Fuck, yeah!"

As if patriotism is what Washington decides. In fact, nearly everybody in Congress should be up on charges of treason. The true patriots are the Chris Hedges and Cornel Wests, not the warmongers with the silly flag pins on their lapels.

Noah Way said...

U$A! U$A!

There, fixed it for you.