Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump kills US in TPP

Acting on campaign promise.


Penguin pop said...

Even if he screws up everything else, he'll have this to his name in the history books. There were a lot of protests and activism around the TPP under Obama too and I'd give credit to that as well.

Penguin pop said...

And good for Bernie for taking charge and wanting to get something good out of this. It's gonna be a long 4 years though i'm sure some morons will start calling Bern a Russian plant now for wanting to work with Trump on one of his more sensible talking points. I also understand that some of the Democrats want to get revenge for the Republicans cockblocking Obama frequently.

Six said...

Thumbs up on this. Thumbs down on hiring freeze. It sounds like he's listening to the "we are out of munnie!" crowd!

John said...

Unless Matt's become the worst kind of crony corporate liberal elitist, shouldn't that read "Trump Kills TPP in US"?

Salsabob said...

TPP was already dead; Trump's move was meaningless except as a distraction to the rubes who believe trade pacts are going to bring back manufacturing jobs - same people who believe his Carrier deal was something more than the noise seen every week in the unemployment claims. [Have you ever seen the exporting-miracle Germany's trend line on manufacturing jobs? psss, it doesn't look any better that the US. Now explain how Trump's trade policies are going to bring back manufacturing jobs.]

It's all about setting us up for a repeat of Bush's trickle down tax cuts - Trump's golden shower for the 99%ers. Ryan/McConnell are onboard because in the ode to the 'deficit monster,' the cuts provide the excuse for the grand bargain to cut federal spending.

After the sugar high of the coming financial asset inflation, I'll see ya in the soup lines.

John said...

Salsabob, all very, very good points. As someone pointed out for the first time ever on mainstream television news the other day (at least the first time I'd ever seen it done), automation has replaced more manufacturing jobs than outsourcing to the rest of the world by a margin of four to one. Is anyone going to do anything about that?

Blaming China is such a cop out for problems made in Congress, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street, multinationals and the military-industrial complex.

Tom Hickey said...

This is a distribution problem. Technological innovation is vastly increasing the potential to supply but demand that is funded by income or borrowing is lagging owning to the unemployment and underemployment that is being generated.

Fortunately, it is a wonderful "problem" to have from the POV of availability of real resources. The problem can easily be solved by revisiting rationing by price in markets to optimize distribution socially.

Hint: there is social dividend from "humanity's metaphysical resources," as Bucky Fuller put it, that is, knowledge and the ability to apply it, involved in the solution to optimize. Less labor is needed for the same output, increasing the opportunity for distributed leisure with an increasing standard of living.

This is really a no-brainer.