Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Viktor Astafyev — Russian MOD fires back at CIA director: "America invented the scorched earth tactic"

Earlier, the CIA Director John Brennan has accused Russia of using "scorched earth" policy in Syria, noting that the United States would never have operated in this manner in any armed conflict.
"What Russia did in Syria, using the "scorched earth" tactics, which led to the destruction and the deaths of thousands of civilians, the USA would never do in any of military conflicts," - said Brennan in an interview with PBS.
The article reviews evidence showing that scorched earth has been US policy since WWII — use of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, carpet bombing with B-52s, use of Agent Orange in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, and many more.

Oh, and about that torture.

Fort RussRussian
MOD fires back at CIA director: "America invented the scorched earth tactic"
Viktor Astafyev, Russian RT - Translated by Kristina Kharlova

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Noah Way said...

Fireboming every city in Germany and Japan during WWII, to the extent that there were virtually no targets left to demonstrate the awesome power of the atomic bomb on. Charges against Germany at Nuremburg were restricted by what the US had done - in other words pretty much everything except genocide (as long as you don't include the intentional starving of civilian populations). Repeated in Korea and Vietnam, which also had a large portion of its countryside chemically denuded. Iraq was bombed for 10 years straight between wars that destroyed the entire civilian infrastructure. US proxy armies in the Middle East have achieved the same and have now cut off water and power to the civilian population of Damascus. Hypocrisy, indeed.