Sunday, March 11, 2018

KV - Post removed from the Guardian

In an article called, Populists will eventually be found out – moderates must be ready for that day, by Andrew Rawnsley, I wrote a comment in response to a conservative and I told him that many moderate conservatives are anti-war too. I then told him to check out the American Conservative and the ex CIA whistle-blower, Kevin Shipp, but my post was removed as not abiding by community standards. I wonder why? Perhaps they see Kevin Shipp as a conspiracy theorist. I pointed out to the Guardian before that the whole Russiagate narrative is a conspiracy theory, but they removed that post as well. Anyway,

If you have read the Guardian lately, you will see how it is going even more hawkish by the day. Many readers write in to complain about it, and it seems that quite a lot of readers now deeply hate the paper. Me too!

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