Sunday, March 11, 2018

Redacted Tonight - [101] CIA Veteran Admits Deep State Is Very Real

An excellent interview of Ray McGovern where he goes into the nonsense of Russiagate, the military-industrial complex and it need for fake enemies, and how they didn't like Trump for saying he could make peace with Russia because that's not good for business. He say's how Allen Dulles invented the term conspiracy theorist to deflect people away from his conspiracies.

Ray McGovern says he is disappointing to find Bill Moyers and The Young Turks propagating the Russiangate myth despite Bill Binney, ex NSA chief annalist who developed all the software for surveillance, saying there was no Russia hack. He also says how Israel directs Washington's policy in the Middle East.  The Deep State most certainly exists, says Ray McGovern. He says Trump should have impeached months ago for lowering the regulations for water and air quality, not for a load of trumped up fake charges. 

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