Monday, March 19, 2018

Ray McGovern — Former CIA Chief Brennan Running Scared

In the crosshairs? Not just Brennan either.
None of the leaking, unmasking, surveillance, or other activities directed against the Trump campaign can be properly understood, if one does not bear in mind that it was considered a sure thing that Secretary Clinton would become President, at which point illegal and extralegal activities undertaken to help her win would garner praise, not prison.
But she lost.
The "perfect crime" that wasn't. Now "the gang that couldn't shoot straight" is running scared.

The lame street media is doing all it can to create the impression that it's Trump that is at fault.
Meanwhile, the Washington Post is dutifully playing its part in the deep-state game of intimidation. The following excerpt from Sunday’s lead article conveys the intended message: “Some Trump allies say they worry he is playing with fire by taunting the FBI. ‘This is open, all-out war. And guess what? The FBI’s going to win,’ said one ally, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to be candid. ‘You can’t fight the FBI. They’re going to torch him.’” [sic]
The Post, incidentally, waited until paragraph 41 of 44 to inform readers that it was the FBI’s own Office of Professional Responsibility and the Inspector General of the Department of Justice that found McCabe guilty, and that the charge was against McCabe, not the FBI. A quite different impression was conveyed by the large headline “Trump escalates attacks on FBI” as well as the first 40 paragraphs of Sunday’s lead article....
Most people don't realize it yet, but the US is in the midst of a constitutional crisis as the result of an attempted soft coup.

Consortium News
Former CIA Chief Brennan Running Scared
Ray McGovern, CIA analyst under seven Presidents and nine CIA directors and is now on the Steering Group of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)


John said...

All of this is true, but it diverts from the real scandal that would see Trump gone had everyone not fixated on the bullshit that is Russiagate.

I agree entirely with Jeremy Scahill who has laid out a great case that the fixation on Russia is going to make Mueller's findings of Trump being in the middle of a gigantic money laundering operation involving Russian mafias, Gulf Arabs and just about anyone with money a terrible letdown. People are just going to shrug their shoulders and say "Is that it? He's a rich man and he's involved with rich people?" because they were expecting to find that Trump was an agent of the Kremlin or some such utterly moronic stupidity. Because the MSM have gone out to heavy on Trump-as-Kremlin-mole, the public are going to have little stomach for the MSM readjusting the picture to that of possibly the largest case of corruption. This involves Trump before (but having won the presidency) and even after inauguration. It also involves Kushner in a very big way.

Tom Hickey said...

John, I very much doubt that Mueller as an establishment man would go after Trump on $ matters when the whole bipartisan establishment is corrupt.

I would welcome it through because it would start a chain reaction that would take the lot of them down one gang after another as the vengeance spread.

Tom Hickey said...

"Let the one that is without sin cast the first stone."

John said...

Tom, they're not going to get him on Russiagate, and Mueller's whole team, or nearly all of it, is made up of money laundering experts, tax lawyers and forensic accountants. That doesn't sound like a probe into Trump as Putin's stooge. I suspect what may have started out as a fishing expedition into Trump, or at least as a potential mud throwing exercise if and when things started going badly for Killary, has now changed course and is going for Trump as a money launderer, or such a dunce that he cant be trusted with the nation. Apparently, the evidence is just mind-boggling. That brings problems galore, as you say.

Taking down Kushner would be easy and may well be enough to discredit Trump. I get the impression that they're going to keep this running until November. Enough will leak out about Trump and before long he's down to 20%, the GOP starts to panic, the GOP loses enough congressional seats and there's your impeachment. No doubt the establishment is thinking this all over very carefully. As you presciently said so long ago: grab the popcorn.

Tom, if and when you can please look at the comment I left for you on the post you put up about neoliberalism vs neoclassical economics. I'd very much appreciate your help.

Dave said...

Its always been about the money. Although I feel the hacked Facebook accounts is an interesting side note, I am not sure the public is going to resonate with that. But I agree with Tom, the money angle is going to bring the whole lot of them down, which is why so many house republicans are either retiring, or trying to save Trump's ass, because their own ass is on the line.

Noah Way said...

Funny how they try to pin stuff on Trump that Hillary is actually guilty of.

The only thing they're accomplished is to reduce even further (as if that was possible) people's trust in government and the media - and bringing us to the brink of WWIII.

When the revolution starts they'll blame it on a Russian 5th column and terrorists and use the military to suppress citizens.