Monday, March 19, 2018

Richie Allen - "Not A Single MP Had The Guts To Stand Up & Cry Bullshit Over Russia Poisoning Claims!"

Richie Allen, like me, was outraged at the UK Parliament Prime Minister Questions Time where Theresa May and Boris Johnson accused Russia of the Salisbury poisoning. Richie Allen says that the British parliament is full of traitors as 80% of them are Zionists and their allegiance is to Israel, not the British people. This broadcast is only 20 minutes wrong.

This is what I wrote in the comments section.

To see all these lies makes me feel sick. The British public must be stupid to think that if Russia wanted to get rid of a Russian double agent living in Britain they would use a nerve gas that was originally designed in Russia, and then spray two people sitting on a park bench with it just like something out of a James Bond movie, or a spy thriller. So, what's the first thing Theresa May and Boris Johnson do, accuse Russia, of course? So, why would Russian intelligence do such a stupid thing knowing full well they would get the blame, especially when the US has been blaming them for everything else? Well, because they didn't do it, that's why, it's a set up by a Western intelligence agency to blame Russia. 


Kaivey said...

20 minutes long it was meant to say. I'll change that tomorrow.

GLH said...

People are too trusting of the media.