Monday, March 19, 2018

Robert Inlakesh - EXPOSED: Eastern Ghouta (Syria) dis-information and other lies...

I thought this is good. I like this guy, it's a shame that more ordinary people don't take an interest because if they did we could stop these wars. 

Robert Inlakesh says that Assad is not bombing his own people as our leaders and the media are saying, and that the video footage that is being shown is of Israel bombing Gaza. 

Robert Inlakesh has been receiving death threats.

This world is far more wicked than I ever realised. I thought there was at least good guys as well as bad guys, and that bad the really guys, like Hitler, only turned up occasionally, but it seems that the good guys are rare. Our leaders, including Theresa May and Boris Jonson, must be psychopaths because no one in their right mind would start WW3 unless they lacked all humanity, love, and compassion. These freaks of nature are in control of our governments.

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