Monday, March 19, 2018

What the media won't tell you about Eastern Ghouta by Treka

A young Syrian man telling the truth about Syria exposing Western lies. A really nice guy; see how easy going, friendly, and modern he is, just like most young people in the West? But his secular society is surrounded by the some of most evil people on the planet backed by even more of the most evil people on the planet, the criminals that run the US, Europe, and Israel.

And what's so strange is that hardly anyone in in the West knows the truth, or that our media is Orwellian spewing out 100% pure propaganda for a psychopathic, brutal ruling elite who just want money and glory, and that the nice middle class broadcasters and journalists on our TV's are complicit in some of the most evil crimes being done in their name.

Blogger can't find the video, so here's the link. Check it out, highly recommended!

And here's his Facebook page.

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