Thursday, May 20, 2010

David Walker is a liar!

David Walker runs the Concord Coalition, which is an organization charged with getting our leadership to believe that the U.S. faces an insolvency and, therefore, we should be cutting people's Social Security and Medicare benefits and raising taxes.

Yet, on my radio show in 2008, Walker stated that "solvency was not an issue" and "the checks would never bounce."

Take a listen:

David Walker the big, fat, liar.

Please join my efforts to expose this lying propagandist who is trying to destroy the benefits of millions of Americans. It is nothing short of subterfuge.

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Matt Franko said...

Quotes from 60 minutes interview here of Walker:

"The cancer, Walker says, are massive entitlement programs we can no longer afford, " ('cancer': demogoguery)

"The problem with Medicare, Walker says, is people keep living longer," (very disturbing statement)

"The prescription drug bill was probably the most fiscally irresponsible piece of legislation since the 1960s," (not to the drug companies/their investors/their employees or the seniors who have healthier lives, or are perhaps even alive today, because of it)

Walker is a beancounter extraordinaire, when you look up 'beancounter' in the dictionary, his picture is there!

Let's remember when we hear Walker talking: We dont work for beancounters, beancounters work for US!

mike norman said...

Walker was a partner at Arthur Anderson, remember that firm? It did all of Enron's accounting. He shouldn't be talking with that history.

Bob said...


I had to exchange a lead/acid cell auto battery on warranty I bought back Dec 2007, the OReilly counter clerk told me I paid 75.00
dollars for this battery and yesterday the same exact battery would have cost me 107.00 us dollars. Are metals and hard assets rising this fast due to inflation or they are just in demand?. That is a big jump in price.

mike norman said...


Not a shortage of supply, nor is it related to sharply ramped up industrial demand. This is purely investment/speculative demand from large, long-only, institutional investment.

The other thing to realize is that, while it sucks to have to pay more for things like batteries, other things are falling in price, like housing and technology, which are two very important things that are necessary if we are going to have a high standard of living.

googleheim said...

Hi Bob

The problem with manufacturers right now, in my opinion, is that they have capacity to supply but they are holding off on stocking up on supplies themselves which means they might be busy but they do not expect to be busy medium term or long term.

So they can play around with prices.

Note that any cars made in Europe will not show any give on price just because the Euro went down 10%.
If the Euro goes down 30% we could theoretically go to Europe buy the cars that pass the emissions and the regulations tests here ( off the bat w/ no rework ) and then ship a container of them ( around $5000 ) to Port in USA and then make a group purchase !

especially in Spain where the prices of cars might be cheaper.

As for lead commodities, China is hogging everything even though the slump is keeping things back.