Saturday, May 1, 2010

Deficit fear mongering

IMF style austerity measures are coming to America. This is all being driven by deficit fear mongering. Read this eye-opening article. If you are interested in preserving the standard of living that Americans have enjoyed for generations, we must unify and fight against this.


"What invariably kills any discussion of this sensible solution is another myth long perpetrated by the financial elite - that allowing the government to increase the money supply would lead to hyperinflation. Rather than exercising its sovereign right to create the liquidity the nation needs, the government is told that it must borrow from private lenders. And where does their money come from? Ultimately from banks, which create it on their books just as the government would have done. The difference is that when bankers create it, it comes with a hefty fee attached in the form of interest."

Read here.

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googleheim said...

bum rush the volcker before it gets here !

the financial elite after all really do want hyperinflation - that what they created with the war, the house bust, and the weighted system by GS on oil pricing.

hyperiflation is their horse to kick up and down at will