Friday, May 14, 2010

"The mother of all evil is speculation"

Quote from Michael Douglas, who plays Gordon Gekko, in the new movie, Wall Street 2, Money Never Sleeps.


googleheim said...

I don't want to be cheeky,
but is there an ETF which I can purchase in some form to make money on the destruction of the Euro ?

I hope that's not speculation, since operating in-paradigm - it seems more like fact waiting to happen.

mike norman said...

Check out DRR.

mike norman said...


In my report, Euro Crash Alert! I give 10 ways to go short the euro. It's only $39.95. You should consider getting it. Here is the link:

Euro Crash Alert!

googleheim said...


googleheim said...

i like the 1 paragraph explanation on the Argentine crisis - no one to date has so succinctly summed it up without a bunch of hype or lack of coherence. i've followed it since it happened. bravo.

while shorting the Euro I will long the Yen since it is riding on top of things

Anonymous said...

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