Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I tend to be right, but early!

Here's the video I posted on Youtube last July talking about how the dollar would rally for a "long, long, time." Yes, I was early, but it is turning out to be a very good call. Schiff is STILL talking about how the dollar is going to crash. Please feel free to go to the link on Youtube and read the ignorant comments of his assinine followers.


Eric Peterson said...

You are not only a fool, but a dangerous one at that. Stop spewing this ridiculousness that the dollar is a safe investment for people because it has briefly rallied, and b/c you desperately want to get one over on Peter Schiff after you've looked so silly over the past 4 years because of your repeated incorrect market predictions. Were you right, but early about the housing market? This dollar rally has nothing to do with dollar fundamentals and everything to do with pound and euro weakness. The dollar is next on the list with the rest of the worthless paper currencies.

mike norman said...

I'm a fool?

Unknown said...