Friday, September 9, 2011

Energy and Water

The world's energy equation is rapidly changing. Three recent developments have altered energy options, re-calibrated the calculation of supply and transformed the implications for the planet's environment. Unfortunately, renewable, pollution-free energies - although they continue to make advances - are not in this equation....
Read the rest at, The World's Changing Energy Equation

Here is another post on peak water that sets forth the issues, Is the U.S. Reaching Peak Water?

To state the obvious, energy + water = food

That is to say, there are the basic real resources that an economy requires as a life support system. MMT shows that the only actual constraint is real resources and that affordability is not a factor in approaching these issues expeditiously given the current monetary regime.


Ryan Harris said...

Thanks for posting this. I was getting frustrated with the out of date posts before. America needs to understand the massive amount of energy that is coming into the markets. With $45-70/bbl oil more and more likely for the forseeable future (or lower), and it is dirty oil, there are a host of new problems that need to be dealt with. Additionally Saudis won't set prices. Fretting about peak oil causes investment and research to go in the wrong direction with this new reality.

Septeus7 said...

Here's the simple solution to peak water... and to the jobs situation.

It's also a nice energy boost of about 80 gigawatts of renewable hydro electric power and probably more consider the water would allow for advanced geothermal plants and other power projects.

The question is making people understand yes we have enough money for the project.

The 3 step program for recovery.

1. Fire Obama and the Austerian Congress ASAP.
2. Restore Glass Steagall and the Rule of Law (Stop the Fraud!).
3. Fund Building NAWAPA and High Speed Rail using labor from a new WPA/CCC program.

It's are simple as 1,2,3.

Why the hell is no one bring up the public work projects we have had on the books for for over 50 years but never funded?

We have 2 trillion infrastructure repairs and upgrades and easily of 15 trillion of planned but never fund projects.

Dealing with the infrastructure development of United States is just beginning. W have at least of a few quadrillion dollars worth of planned infrastructure globally.

Frankly, there isn't enough people on the planet for the amount worked needed to fix the last 5000 years of Human underdevelopment and mismanagement of the Biosphere.

We don't lack work or resources we lack proper Government.

Tom Hickey said...

Good one. Thanks for the link.

Ryan Harris said...

The National Petroleum Council released a report to DOE that projects about 22.5 million barrels of oil per day could be produced in North America within about 20 years as their high side estimate. This is equivalent to current daily usage which is likely to decline with rising efficiency standards for vehicles. This slide show summarizes their findings and credentials of the council members.