Saturday, September 17, 2011

Solar is the “Fastest Growing Industry in America”

Stephen Lacey: The U.S. solar industry grew 102% last year and is on track to grow another 100% this year. What other industry doubled its growth during one of the worst economic periods in our history?....

...A recent report found that America actually had a $1.9 billion trade surplus of solar products to the rest of the world in 2010. And that same report, put together by GTM Research, found that
73% of the economic value of a solar installation stays in the U.S....


jeg3 said...

Easy to double when at a very small number, even for years.

From the report intro:
"Despite the significant year-on-year growth, however, the share of global and U.S. electricity supply met with PV remains small."
And that is just for current electric use, what about using electric for transportation and heating/cooling (geothermal/solar thermal can work here)?
You need batteries:
And to speed up development of Gen IV nuclear:
(my favorite so far is LFTR)

Anonymous said...

Solar is coming online now whereas the new reactor designs will require decades. A lot can happen in the energy sector between now and then.

Diversified energy production is a good thing and should be encouraged.