Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Entrepreneur Penelope Trunk — How to Spot Trends Before Everyone Else

Good advice. Basically, the old adage, "Find a need and fill it." Works every time. And there are some really good opportunities out there right now globally for those who can spot them. MMT is a trend in the making.
When you think about startups, and subsequent rounds of funding, each pivotal moment of the company usually hinges on an identified trend. So you need to get good at spotting trends. Here are three ways to do it:

1. Notice crowds of unmonetized people.

2. Notice crowds of disenfranchised people.

3. Find what’s broken before people will admit it’s broken.

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SchittReport said...

no wonder penelope trunk is more successful as a blogger than an entrepreneur.

the real advice you need to heed:

with respect to points 1 & 2.

find unmonetized and disenfranchised people, unmonetize and disenfranchise them even more - and then enslave them for the rest of the their productive life-spans.
(the big banks have done a pretty good job of that in the US)

with respect to point 3.

break what is not already broken and position yourself to be the one to fix it
(again the banks have done a great job here)