Sunday, September 25, 2011

New MMT blog

Fred Decker recently launched a blog called Modern Monetary Theory — Public Analysis Of Fiscal And Monetary Policy. Several good posts are up already. Here is one on Functional Finance, Economics in the “Golden Age of Capitalism”.

Fred is a financial type who is into modeling, so expect some serious MMT modeling from him. He has already put up some previews based on Steven Keen's approach. He has a download page for his latest work, Latest news, download page, manifestos, and True model update. Fred's already taken on the false government as household budget analogy with simple models in Deficit and Deceit.

Welcome aboard, Fred Decker.


wh10 said...

this looks AWESOME.

welcome aboard indeed. This guy will be a great asset. MMT needs rigorous modelers, both for credibility in the mainstream journals as well as to further develop the school of thought. hope he's in touch with UMKC.

Matt Franko said...

Yes Tom & wh10,

Nice to see a younger person picking up the torch so to speak...


Fred Decker said...

Thanks for the link and the positive words... I hope I can add some value to the field :)