Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 TED talks to focus on shaping the future — AFP

Technology, art and magic will mix in perspective-bending ways this week as the prestigious TED conference continues transforming from an elite retreat to a global movement for a better world.
The gathering kicks off Monday in the Southern California city of Long Beach with a roster of 1,350 attendees including Internet heavyweights, Hollywood celebrities, scientists, and other notables.
Tickets to the sold-out event cost $7,500 each, but captivating 18-minute “talks” for which the conference is renowned are made available free online at and have a growing worldwide audience.

This year’s “Full Spectrum” theme refers to a range of presentations “from dazzling technology and leading-edge science to the richest veins of human creativity and interconnection.”While topics at TED and the way it connects with the world have changed with the times it remains devoted to “ideas worth spreading.”
“I have a fundamental belief in the power of ideas,” TED curator Chris Anderson told AFP.
“Powerful ideas, shared the right way, lead to action. Period.”
TED presenters are known for combining dizzying brain power with mind-tickling spins on concepts as weighty as climate change and the devastation of sea life or as playful as dance and music.
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2012 TED talks to focus on shaping the future
by Agence Presse-France

“Powerful ideas, shared the right way, lead to action. Period.” Sounds like a venue for MMT.

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Anonymous said...

"Sounds like a Venue for MMT" Agreed!

How does one get to give a TED talk? And who's the most articulate and charismatic of the MMT crew? I think Stephanie Kelton ought to be considered.