Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Millions of Indian workers strike

One-day walkout hits transport, banks and post offices, as unions seek better rights and protest over rising prices.
Read it at Al Jazeera
Millions of Indian workers strike for rights
Al Jazeera and agencies

Falling real wage.


Leverage said...

Inflation is what has driven North Africa and Middle East protests and 'revolution' in 2011.

With Central Banks reckless financial repression & too much money on the hands of the super-rich and the banks, it can only get worse; more if you add demographic issues in these regions and increasing demand and supply shortages.

Real resources are constrained and financial speculation is reckless thanks to regulators and central bankers.

When these nations find that democracy can't fix their problem they will turn to nationalism, fanaticism and eventually even war. It's already happening in places like Egypt (and has been happening for ages in Palestina).

Too rapid and unsustainable population growth, increasing scarcity and extremely inflationary policies in the West are planting the seeds of destruction, and we can start to collect the fruits already.

If we continue down this path we will have a world war within the next 30 years.

Wekasus said...

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