Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cullen Roche — Understanding The Modern Monetary System

Read it at Pragmatic Capitalism
Understanding The Modern Monetary System
by Cullen Roche

Cullen updates his paper and provides links


Chewitup said...

I still like price stability and full employment as a macro goal. "Time is the ultimate form of wealth" seems too nebulous. Lots of not so wealthy people have all sorts of time on their hands. I know he is looking at the big picture, but it just doesn't resonate with my brain.

The hybrid car model is interesting. He needs to mention that taxes would be the brakes.

Cullen presents his point of view well.

Matt Franko said...

How does he think we can gain "time" thru productivity gains if we dont;

1. close the economy;
2. shorten the work week,
3. increase days off,
4. implement earlier retirements;

probably other things...