Tuesday, February 28, 2012

John Carney mentions MMT

Read it at CNBC NetNet
Stuff We Missed: Tuesday February 28th
by John Carney | Senior Editor
MMT as an ECB Alternative (Michael Hudson). The big MMT conference in Italy was a smashing success with thousands in attendance.
Shades of MMT in the Blogosphere (Heteconomist). Obviously, the mainstream Het is trying to exclude and marginalize me (Neo-MMR) and Joe Weisenthal (who is Post-MMT) by leaving our factions off this list.
Peter Cooper take note. :)

BTW, Warren responded to a post by John, and John engages at Warren's here in the comments, clarifying his stance, if you are keeping up with this. Many other good comments, too.


Trixie said...

Great job here, Tom, of aggregating MMT discussions and its differing perspectives (whether you agree with them or not). Really appreciate it.

peterc said...

Sorry, John! Maybe an amendment is in order. :)