Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Breaking Through Information Monopoly

Access to information is, indeed important.

Information convergence, however, is even more important than information alone. Very little information matters at any instant, and parsing it cheaper/better/sooner separates group success from group failure.

Here's an example: How little of the "information" generated by the billions of cells in the human body, is actually passed - and in what patterns - to other cells?

An incredibly small amount, in surprisingly lean patterns and sub-patterns.

That's the way an efficient market works as well - JIT/JAN info (just in time, just as needed).

In markets, eco-systems and cultures, just like basic biology, what we really have are selection markets, not just financial markets.

Trial & error discovery of cheaper/faster/better ways to accelerate Adaptive Rate is always the real goal. Inventing diverse methods for recognizing patterns, perceiving needed data, asking better questions, getting data, parsing data, and probing the return on actions - those obvious things are what drives our national economy as well. Inventing ways to do it all faster is how we compete.

Tools are the first step.
Learning how to use tools is next.
Learning when & why to use them in novel contexts follows.
Learning how to accelerate learning of when, why & how is briefly nirvana.
Then we notice we need even more tools.
Learning how to accelerate when/why/how/what - on demand - never ends?

Where would we put banksters and economics in this cycle? Back at stage 2? Banksters & orthodox economists learn everything about currency as a tool ... but nothing about when & why? Hence, they're unable to regulate their own education, training & practice.

Bankers & economists need a Hippocratic Oath?

For that matter, so do citizens.

What was that rule? Every process is too important to be left to the presumed process owners.

Democracy means we all share some distributed ownership of all inter-dependencies. The patterns are incredibly complex. And, they change. That's why democracy only works with practice. Couch potatoes & their democracy are soon fat fried.

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