Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interview of Marc Lavoie by Philip Pilkington

Wynne Godley and Marc Lavoie's Monetary Economics is the definitive work on the stock-flow consistent modeling in monetary economics using the sectoral balance approach. Philip Pilkington is a reporter and experienced interviewer with excellent knowledge of monetary economics.

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New Directions in Monetary Economics: An Interview with Marc Lavoie – Part I
Interview conducted by Philip Pilkington
Marc Lavoie is a professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Ottawa. He is the author of numerous books on post-Keynesian economics. His latest work ‘Monetary Economics’, written with the late Wynne Godley, is now available in paperback from Amazon.com.


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BTW, I suggest getting ahold of Godley & Cripps, Macroeconomics (1983) also if you are interested in pursuing Godley's macro. It is out of print but used copies are around.