Monday, June 25, 2012

Occupy Dallas General Assembly proposal to endorses the Mosler Plan after Mosler appearance

endorsement of Mosler's 3-point plan
After hearing an explanation of Modern Monetary Theory by Warren Mosler, Occupy Dallas endorses his remedy for our nation's current economic condition: 
1-cut FICA taxes to end this regressive policy and allow greater spending.
2-disbursement of federal funds to states on per-capita basis
3-guaranteed "transitional" employment for anyone seeking a job at $8/hr 
We feel these proposals are simple and effective and will serve the interests of the 99% far better than any "austerity" measures being considered by politicians in both major parties.
Good work, Warren!


Anonymous said...

In fact, Mike, Warren may be a little ahead of the game. While he did (very generously) speak to Occupy Dallas this past Saturday, the General Assembly of Occupy Dallas has NOT endorsed the Mosler Plan. That is, no proposal has been presented to the General Assembly, and therefore, no endorsement has been issued.

Charles Hayden said...

The above comment is in fact accurate. Unfortunately, proposals for Saturday's GA have to be entered by Friday to be up for a vote on Saturday. While ample agreement exists, the consensus process requires full consideration of dissenting voices, yet to be heard from.
I think the confusion resulted from the post in our upcoming proposals section.

Tom Hickey said...

What's up with the official-looking announcement here, then?

Dan Lynch said...

Official-looking announcement says
"Home » Forums » General Assembly » Proposals » UPCOMING PROPOSALS"

I didn't notice that until just now. Oh, well.

Tom Hickey said...

Right, I just read the endorsement, too. Well, it's in the works, anyway, and hopefully will pass. I'll change the post to reflect that.

Charles Hayden said...

Thanks Tom,

I planned on sending you an email when all this gets sorted out.

Also, we have video from the event, posted on a liverstream website, but it's hard to view from mobile devices, and we'd like to edit out some dead air and break it up into chunks.

Furthermore, I planning on shepherding the proposal through.

I wish we could work faster than this, but consensus is a process, and we've got to maintain integrity. OD is very protective over who speaks for us, as we should be.

Anyways, I don't anticipate too much dissent, although it could get ugly. Ample agreement exists, and it's just a matter of getting 90% approval of a GA quorum.

Tom Hickey said...

Thanks, Charles. We'll put up whatever relevant comes up.