Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Andy Haldane — Occupy movement was right

The Occupy Movement has found an unlikely ally in a senior Bank of England official, Andrew Haldane, who has praised protesters for their role in triggering an overhaul of the financial services sector.
Haldane, who oversees the City for the central bank, said Occupy acted as a lever on policymakers despite criticism that its aims were too vague. He said the protest movement was right to focus on inequality as the chief reason for the 2008 crash, following studies that showed the accumulation of huge wealth funded by debt was directly responsible for the domino-like collapse of the banking sector in 2008....
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Bank of England official: Occupy movement was right about global recession
Phillip Inman | The Guardian

First hand report of someone at New Putney:

Our Kingdom — power and liberty in Britain
Occupy and its ally in the Bank of England
Niki Seth-Smith

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