Sunday, October 28, 2012

Puntland Part Time Regulatory Farce

SWJ on More Piracy Near Somalia

Why does this sound so similar to ... well, to EVERYTHING we read in the press?

Here's just one, example, paraphrasing of the quote highlighted at SWJ:

"WASHINGTON — It seemed like a simple idea: In the chaos that is [Washington, DC], create a sophisticated, highly trained [economic] force that could finally defeat the pirates terrorizing the [finance] lanes off the [Wall Street] coast.

But the creation of the Puntland [Parttime Regulatory Farce] was anything but simple. It involved dozens of [retired political] mercenaries and the shadowy [lobbyist] firms that employed them, millions of dollars in secret payments by the United [Grab Campaignirates], a former clandestine officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, and the [Princelings], the billionaire former [employees] of [the too big to fail banks] who [were] residing at the time in all the [key policy agencies]."

How do YOU spell SNAFU mess?   A majority of the idiots blindly groping this elephantine situation actually like what they feel, and can't comprehend that it's gonna fall over and squash 'em?  They're so busy enjoying how their own, undersized gropings feel that they don't even want to absorb perspectives outside their addiction?   Whaddya do when you wake up in a den of hopium addicts?  Kick open the doors & windows to let sunlight & fresh air in ... or hold your breath & run for the exit?   Decisions, decisions.

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Tom Hickey said...

Roger, this is just another elaborate scheme of crony capitalism to transfer govt funds to cronies, with little concern for outcomes other than that.