Monday, October 29, 2012

William K. Black: CNBC’s Quick uses Clinton to aim at Krugman, but shoots herself in the foot

At NEP, UMKC Professor William Black follows up Mike's post last week dissecting a recent Forbes article by CNBC host Becky Quick and other out of control high jinks at this cable channel that more and more seems to be spinning out of control in it's ersatz mission to provide accurate and edifying information to it's viewers seeking information about public banking and investments, economic policy and the related political issues facing our nation.

Prof. Black chronicles and details faulty logic, a lack of knowledge of macroeconomics, inability to discern contradiction, unbalanced reporting and even misapplication of Christian social doctrine.  Quite a wide ranging rebuke.  Those at CNBC would do well to seriously reflect on the issues that Prof. Black identifies here.

Tip for CNBC: Give Mike a call and see if he can come in there to get you all up to speed on what is REALLY happening on austerity, the fiscal balance, and in general, how the US economy operates under our monetary system that utilizes a free floating, non-convertible state currency.  And then at least you will be able to offer your viewers some truth and accuracy in reporting as NO ONE you have either on staff or as a regular guest knows how our monetary system operates and how this effects our nation's economy.  YOUR RATINGS WILL IMPROVE.

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