Friday, October 26, 2012

Lilleputian Brains Redefine Poverty

Poverty? What Poverty

Let's see, "poor" people may also have subprime mortgage, auto, furniture & student loans they can't repay either? Not to mention credit card limits they'll never repay?

Say ... doesn't that sound a lot like the sharecropper business model?  Or lifelong serfs tied to the coal company's store?

Who knew that NeoCon capitalism means Central Planning! (By business "owners" run amok.)

Seems that the only time WE fail is when we collectively allow presumed process owners to think they actually own social processes. Didn't Churchill say that was a General rule about war? :)

In unrestrained capitalism, there's nothing like capturing the customer.
(And then underutilizing human capital.)

And, so much for owning land as a guarantee!

No matter what a host achieves, the parasite's goal is to own the process for owning it.

Anyone who can't escalate social immune defenses to whatever level needed, can't compete in the host/parasite evolutionary spiral (especially when your own family will always be the source for some of it's own parasites)!

Much of the time, even our own left & right hemispheres are their own worst enemies, so practiced coordination is our only salvation path.

Every process is too important to be left to the presumed process owners! Can we go back to teaching that to all Lilleputians in Kindergarten? And reinforcing it throughout their lives?  Without the return on coordination, we'll doom our entire population to being poorer than they need to be.  Indeed, what part of relativity do the 1% not understand.  Being the richest 1% in a constrained population demonstrates only a poverty of imagination.  Those poor rich people!


paul meli said...

"Can we go back to teaching that to all Lilleputians in Kindergarten?"

I read a study recently showing that nearly 100% of all kindergarten-age children scored at the genius level on the creativity spectrum.

Each year they traversed through the public school system their creative IQ's declined. I'm sure private schools fare no better.

We're turning our kids into worker-bee drones so that the parasites can extract all of the value possible out of them, then throw them (us) away.

We've already started throwing them away.

Let's hear it for Open-source education.

Right now, a motivated person could teach his children at home with resources from the internet and easily do a better job than the public (or private) school systems. It would take sacrifice and embracing of an alternative lifestyle. Movements like this are popping up all over the country.

We can teach kids to be self-sufficient and resourceful and at the same time allow them to pursue the things that interest them.

We could help free our kids from lives of quiet desperation.

Derryl Hermanutz said...

When my kids were in school I was constantly explaining to them what was bias and what was the opposing bias and what was the underling facts of the matter. Maybe that's why they all grew up not believing "authority", but judging for themselves whether or not the person knew what they were talking about. But I had the benefit of time and inclination to research issues, which most people do not, so most parents cannot act as an objective filter of what their kids are fed in school. Most people much prefer being "in agreement" than being "correct", which is one reason why the masses are such fodder for mass propaganda. Lilliputians who think they're Brobdingnagians teaching other Lilliputians their small minded ways. Maybe some of us can break the vicious cycle on a small personal or local scale, but "the system" is beyond reform.

Ignacio said...

But Roger, the parasite doesn't care about his host. That's the issue.

The machine is abused to serve the parasites which don't care about the machine. As long as we have psychopath traits dominating in some social spheres we are doomed.

The biggest failure is the lack of empathy and the failure to explore options, and these include the options of NOT taking the right decisions. Not empathizing is an options, but these guys are incapable of explore the effects of this options.

We are dealing with irrational behaviour here, just like parasites killing the host end their-self, an aberration of nature, as there is no real adaptive strategy pursuing that option.

Roger Erickson said...

Right, Ignacio.

In evolution, survivors are defined as the host/parasite combos that learn to cooperate soonest.

The rest go into the dustbit, no matter how epic the battle between 'em.