Monday, March 25, 2013

"He may be a Central Banker, but he's THEIR Central Banker."

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Bernanke says Fed's easy policy benefits world economy

World Economy? What about OUR citizens and OUR general welfare?

Are WE being abandoned by bankers protecting static assets, not the dynamic asset called Americans?

We may be citizen SOBs but, dammit, we're not the @#$%^&! banker's servant SOBs!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! If Europe tanks, how good is that for us? On the other side of the coin, if China had tanked with the rest of us, where would we be now? What would the US be like if we did not have a poor neighbor to the south of us? Wouldn't we be better off?

Just because globalization as now practiced is a crock does not mean that we should be isolationist.

Tom Hickey said...

The US economy still sustains the global economy due to its size and global reach, although the gap is closing.

Roger Erickson said...

And if the US middle class tanks? That's the really sick gorilla in the room. Used to be ~500 lbs, but is emaciated, already down below 400, and having trouble feeding & educating it's kids.

What then? Bernanke's worried about exporters who make a living feeding the Golden Goose, and neglecting the goose's own health! Doh!

Matt Franko said...

I dont think one net US job has been created under Bernanke's monetarist tenure....